Neil and Susan are still in financial difficulties. Bruno admits the intimidation to Ed but it is Ed Oliver sacks

Radio Times: Ed loses more than his cool.

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  • Susan is still worried about the idea of the camera on the Green but Caroline is more relaxed. It’s just a bit of fun. But that is not as worrying as the situation with the house.
  • Clarrie is worried about what might happen next. Supposing they were to attack Bartleby? Caroline thinks they need to speak to Bruno again but Oliver still doesn’t think it’s fair to attack him without proof. Bruno still denies it but one of Oliver’s aerosol paints has gone missing. Bruno suggests it was Ed and just stormed out when Oliver confronted him.
  • Neil is really stretched for cash. The money just vanishes. Neil can’t even afford to keep Mike on. And Susan can’t manage if he keeps taking the housekeeping. But Neil thinks they don’t need much to finish the whole thing. He will find the money somewhere.
  • Bruno confronts Ed and admits he was responsible. Ed goes for him and threatens him if he does anything again. Oliver comes across them and blames Ed. Bruno says Ed just turned on him so Oliver gives Ed his marching orders. He can’t condone an attack on a 15 year old boy in his care. So Ed never gets to say what Bruno had admitted.

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