Peggy denies there is a problem with Jack’s increasing confusion. Bruno still denies the intimidation leaving Ed out of a job.

Radio Times: Jack finds himself in unfamiliar territory.

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  • Pat finds Jack wandering on the Green being rather confused. He’s not sure why he’s there are what he was doing.
  • Ed is really fed up about Oliver letting him go. Clarrie thinks he should explain things to him but Ed doesn’t think there is any point. Beth is fed up with him moaning too. But there is no way Oliver is going to take him back.
  • Oliver and Caroline talk to Bruno’s social worker. They aren’t what sure what to do. They can’t keep accusing him without evidence – even though they know about the missing aerosol. It is possible Bruno didn’t know they were there. And he blames Ed. It’s a mess. Her advice is to keep an eye on him! If he keeps denying it there is nothing they can do.
  • Pat brings Jack home. Peggy was wondering where he was. Pat tells Peggy that Jack had seemed puzzled about how to get home. She wants Peggy to talk to someone but Peggy doesn’t see there is any problem – it’s just their age.
  • The webcam seems to be an issue for them too. Peggy is in favour but Derek Fletcher thinks it would violate peoples’ privacy. David thinks he’s out to be Chairman of the Parish Council but Lynda says it will be over her dead body.

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