Oliver offers an olive branch to Ed; Kenton offers one to Kathy.

Radio Times: Neil bites off more than he can chew.

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  • Oliver will be out with the hunt later but, right now, he and Caroline need to discuss Bruno. They have given him the benefit of the doubt over the awful incident at Keeper’s Cottage but there is still doubt! Oliver feels bad about banning Ed and will try to ease the situation.
  • Kenton has paid another call on Kathy and is getting less hostility than before; he wants to play football with Jamie but the ball needs pumping up. Next door, Ed cannot help; his next visitor is Oliver who manages to get across his view of the situation. He values Ed’s work at Grange Farm, so while Ed is obliged to stay away, he will pay him a retainer. Ed warns Oliver to be careful over Bruno.
  • Kenton’s next call is more fruitful; he manages to borrow a football from Neil, who does not appreciate the advice that he should get a professional to do his plastering.
  • Bruno seems to be taking a real interest in the farm. He did, however, have no hesitation in turning down Oliver’s invitation to accompany him to church this morning. Oliver was pleased to see Helen Archer in attendance though.
  • Jamie clearly had a good time; Kenton ended up in the mud, so was invited in for a warming cup of tea – but that’s all: Kathy’s lunch will not stretch to three! Kenton assures her that he only wanted to spend time with Jamie; he was not after a free meal.

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