Bert is saved by technology and Eddie resolves to catch Bruno out.

Radio Times: Technology comes to Bert’s rescue.

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  • At Brookfield the main activity is lambing and Bert is holding the fort. So David will be able to go to the Parish Council meeting tonight and prevent Derek Fletcher’s new found power, as acting Chairman, from going to his head. Sadly, he will miss Eddie’s scrumpy club; Sam might take his place, Bert won’t.
  • Eddie and Joe are preparing for the afore-mentioned session and exchanging gossip about the Aldridges’ trip to Paris. Adam, left in charge, is clearly not a happy bunny.
  • As Bert hands over to David, he learns that Derek F did not have it all his own way: Ambridge will soon have a webcam for a trial period. On his way home Bert encounters a ewe caught up in a fence and, trying to free her, ends up in the ditch; he struggles in vain to get out. Technology to the rescue – David gets a call for help.
  • Sam decides that he will deputise for David but Eddie is too cute for him: membership is not transferable. Associate membership is available, at a price, to anyone with a sufficient interest in the art and science of cider making – like coming from Devon!
  • Bert has hurt his ankle and needs David’s help to get out of the ditch. The phone takes an early bath and David is not inclined to fish it out.
  • Sam has to concede that the cider is good, almost as good as Devon cider. Eddie explains that he suspects the recent vandalism is the work of his godson, Bruno. Eddie has his eye on him. Bruno thinks he’s clever but he will soon find out what clever is!

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