Brian has a passing encounter with Siobhán and Ruaridh.

Radio Times: Brian has a blast from the past.

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  • Adam is on his own, with most of his family in Paris, and is not happy. Brian’s call is not really appreciated. On the other end of the phone Brian is amazed, suddenly to find himself face to face with Siobhán, looking fantastic. He learns that Ruaridh will be here this afternoon.
  • It’s Christine’s wedding anniversary and Ruth is one of several Archers contriving to keep her occupied. Ruth blurts out the news of Julia’s impending marriage, which catches Chris unawares. Ruth seems surprised that Chris went to the Parish Council meeting last night but George would not have wanted her to give that up.
  • Brian enjoys a fine lunch with his ex-mistress – separate bills, of course. When Ruaridh appears it is in the company of Siobhán’s new partner, Dieter, who takes some persuading to leave them alone for a few minutes.
  • Once Chris has recovered, she is genuinely pleased for Julia. She reminisces about George and reflects how lucky she has been.
  • Back in Paris, Brian is not getting much reaction from his son – and time is up. His offer of money to buy him a present is turned down: the money he sends each month is enough. Brian says a wistful goodbye.

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