Robert tastes Eddie’s cider and Sid tastes Fallon’s sarcasm.

Radio Times: Robert enjoys a taste of freedom.

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  • Robert has been installing the webcam for a month’s trial, so he deserves a bit of a treat; he is keen to learn about Eddie’s cider club. Ed is at a loose end, with Beth away, and Jazzer fancies some cider too; it promises to be a good night.
  • At The Bull, they are bemoaning the fact that the vicar has stolen their thunder with a Red Nose Day event. Fallon is surprised to see Sid back so soon, as she tells him in words laced heavily with sarcasm. He had, of course been to see Kathy.
  • Robert settles into a deckchair that seems strangely familiar. Eddie loses no time in extracting from him the price of Associate Membership; free drinks do not fit with Eddie’s business model.
  • Back at the other watering-hole, Jolene being out at a rehearsal, Fallon keeps up the sarcasm; has Sid noticed the spring in Jolene’s step after a practice with Curly. Sid takes the opportunity to exchange notes with Pat about Kathy. They both have found her in better spirits – much like her old self.
  • Lynda was worried about Robert, who popped out for half an hour – two hours ago. When she braves the drinking den to find him a little the worse for wear, she gets more than she bargained for: she is commandeered to drive the entire company home.

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