David gives Bert a new phone but Brian gives nothing about Paris.

Radio Times: Brian counts his blessings.

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  • Debbie’s report on Hungary is worrying for Adam, who fears that a lot more investment will be needed, time as well as money, to put the farm into good shape. Brian seems to be going soft: he encourages Adam to get somebody in and take time off, and he will personally clear the gutter that is worrying Jenny.
  • Elizabeth has been telling Ruth that they are worried about Julia and Lewis, who are planning to live at Lower Loxley. Bert is still limping but is bored at home, so he has come back to do light duties.
  • Jenny returns from a meeting with Lynda – about the webcam – to find Brian busy clearing the gutter and, oh horror, he is not wearing gloves. Robert was very subdued and Lynda very angry about Matt’s huge loss; she could have used that sort of money. Brian advances the theory that the money might not be lost, just temporarily placed outside the grasp of his soon-to-be-ex wife. David calls hoping to hear highlights from Paris but Brian evades that one for now.
  • Debbie must also be going soft too; she offers a helping hand to Adam. Her offer of literature (in French) from the show is met with a sarcastic comment about Adam being allowed to go to the Royal. Brian reminds them about Sunday: Adam had remembered Mothers’ Day, Debbie had not.
  • Bert has overhauled the chain saw; it sounds as good as new. As a reward for cutting short his sick leave, David presents him with a new mobile phone; actually it’s not new, it was Alice’s. It does everything the old one did plus – click – it takes photos.

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