Helen finds a sympathetic ear; Bruno is caught in the act.

Radio Times: Bruno gets caught in the act.

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  • A lift with Oliver might sound like a better offer than the school bus but Bruno turns it down. Alan, on the other hand, trudging the lanes in his leathers, is only too pleased to be offered one: the bike ran out of petrol.
  • Jazzer is talking but Neil is not really listening. He has a problem with the house to sort out, so Jazzer is instructed to take some weaners to Willow Farm on his own. Jazzer is not amused.
  • At Ambridge Organics, Oliver thinks Helen is looking well. Tom, as usual, can only talk sausages; the butcher Maurice Houghton (Eddie’s saviour) is coming to work for him. A call for help from Jazzer sends him off in a hurry, leaving Alan to have a heart to heart with Helen. He is better placed to understand her feelings than she thinks; when his wife died, two things helped him: God and Amy.
  • Tom and Jazzer have rounded up the errant weaners – still no sign of Neil. Jazzer is hopeful of scrounging some lunch from Ed but as they approach Keeper’s Cottage, they see someone beside Eddie’s van – drive on! So they creep up on the truant Bruno, engrossed in daubing the van. But for Tom, Jazzer would have given him the biggest hiding he’s ever had.
  • Neil’s problem is the usual one – cash flow. He is hopeful that Mike, as a friend, will accept some delay in being paid; he is out of luck.
  • Bruno is surprised to find Oliver at home and Oliver is surprised that Bruno is home so early – and his face in such a mess. Bruno spins a tissue of lies that will soon catch up with him; very soon – for Oliver is adamant that he will have to tell Social Services.

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