Eddie confronts Oliver; Susan confronts Neil; Oliver confronts Bruno

Radio Times: Oliver gets a reality check.

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  • A fed-up Susan meets Ruth on the Green, and tells her about the problems with the self-build, and Neil’s row with Mike. Until David rings Ruth to get her to come home, the girls don’t realise they’re on the web-cam for all to see.
  • A furious Eddie takes his damaged van round to Oliver, and tells him it was Bruno’s work. Initially, Oliver tries to defend Bruno, but when Eddie tells him that Tom and Jazzer caught him red-handed, and that Jazzer was responsible for Bruno’s bruises, Oliver is forced to back down. He writes Eddie a cheque for the repairs, and says he will tackle Bruno.
  • Elizabeth has emailed Brookfield with Julia and Lewis’ formal engagement photograph. Julia is planning a truly royal wedding. Ruth thinks it’s all rather romantic, but Lizzie clearly doesn’t share this rosy view. Ruth has other things on her mind, though; it seems that Pip has, at long last, found a friend, and she’s been on the phone to for an hour.
  • Someone else who’s furious is Susan. She has a big go at Neil for falling out with Mike just when they need him. Neil tries to point out that he’s doing his best, but things keep going wrong, but Susan’s in no mood to listen. She tells Neil he’s being stupid, whereupon he loses his temper and storms out.
  • Oliver confronts Bruno, who tries to brazen it out, saying it’s none of Oliver’s business. Oliver tells him that the money for repairs will come out of Bruno’s allowance, and that Social Services will be informed, but Bruno couldn’t care less. The Grundys are scum, he says, and had it coming; nothing in the world will make him apologise to them.
  • Susan tracks Neil down at the piggery. She apologises for losing her temper, and says she knows how hard he’s been working. But Neil is adamant; if Mike wants to come back, fine. But if he doesn’t, then the house will just have to take that bit longer.

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