Oliver and Caroline seek advice about Bruno; Kenton solves the problem of Emma’s replacement; Adam keeps on moaning

Radio Times: There’s a sense of déjà vu for Emma at Jaxx.

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  • Emma is due to start her maternity leave, but as usual, Kenton has done nothing about finding a replacement. He can’t stop now, though – he’s got some urgent business to attend to. He leaves Emma contemplating varicose veins.
  • Oliver tells Caroline he phoned social services and spoke to Bridget about Bruno’s face and the matter of Eddie’s van. Caroline is very worried; Bruno won’t discuss things, or apologise. Oliver is missing Ed’s help on the farm.
  • Debbie says she can’t give Adam a hand; she needs to talk to Brian. Worse still, Debbie forgot to pick up some urgently-needed antibiotics. Adam feels that he’s doing all the work around the farm while she enjoys all the privileges. Debbie points out that she only went to France because she’s a fluent French speaker. Oh yes, says a very disgruntled Adam, what about Hungary then? Debbie accuses him of being paranoid.
  • Kenton’s urgent business appears to be taking Jamie for a swim at Grey Gables, but Kathy has hurried him off home without inviting Kenton to stop for tea. He tries to tell Caroline his troubles, but she’s got far more serious things on her mind. The social worker says Bruno mustn’t think he’s got away with it – Oliver and Caroline were right to dock his allowance, and should impose other sanctions like not letting him see his mates after school, limiting his viewing time and doing extra work on the farm.
  • When Kenton returns from his swim, Emma tackles him again about a replacement. It’s all sorted, he says; the ideal candidate would be Beth. Emma doesn’t seem to share his enthusiasm.

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