Beth decides to leave; Tom decides to protect his interests and Alan decides to do some bereavement counselling

Radio Times: Neil gets an offer that Susan can’t refuse.

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  • The Carters’ problems with their self-build are really getting to Susan, who tells Tom how worried she is about their finances. Ever self-centred, Tom realises that it could impact on his sausage empire, so he comes up with the offer of a substantial loan. Neil’s not at all happy about it, but Tom won’t take no for an answer, and leaves Neil to mull it over.
  • Alan calls in on Helen. He’s still concerned at her inability to work through the grieving process, and comments that he and Amy still have difficulty in coming to terms with their loss. Helen does her best to articulate her feelings, but is still finding her loss impossible to come to accept. Alan suggests that she calls at the Vicarage for a longer chat. Alan doesn’t feel that it’s gone at all well – they never really get to the point – but Helen enjoys herself.
  • Kenton makes Beth a job offer, but is turned down. Ambridge has lost its attraction for her, and she’s decided to go back to the States. But first of all she needs to break the news to Ed.

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