Brian backs Adam, and Debbie is furious. Ian backs Bruno, and Eddie is furious.

Radio Times: Adam has a moment of triumph.

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  • To Adam’s surprise, Brian has decided to back his magimaze idea. He thinks it will be a money-spinner.
  • Eddie tries to cheer Ed up with scrumpy, but Ed’s not in the mood to be cheered. Top on his list is selling his car; he’s decided to go to the States with Beth – but he hasn’t actually told her yet.
  • When Debbie hears about Brian’s decision, she’s really spiteful, and claims Brian is just trying to compensate for letting her go to Hungary. For once, Brian backs Adam.
  • At the Grundy cider club, drinking is in full swing when they are raided. After a moment’s panic, they realise it’s only Adam and Ian, who are quickly initiated into the club. Eddie’s still sore about Bruno’s ‘punishment’ from Oliver and Caroline, and his mood isn’t helped by Ian’s standing up for the culprit.
  • Rather the worse for scrumpy, Adam returns home to find Brian in high spirits. Matt tries to pull a fast one with Borchester Land, in his efforts to conceal money from Yvette, and Brian foiled him

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