Neil’s cross with Susan; Matt’s cross with Lilian; Sid’s cross with Jolene.

Radio Times: Neil eats some humble pie.

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  • A full-scale row ensues in the Carter caravan. Neil is not happy about getting further into debt by accepting Tom’s offer, but Susan tells him he’s stupid and selfish. Worn down by Susan’s nagging, Neil goes off to find Tom.
  • Another angry person is Matt. He’s furious with Brian’s machinations at the Borchester Land meeting. Lilian tries to calm him down, and almost succeeds until she lets it slip that a phone engineer has called twice to check her line. That was no phone engineer, snarls Matt, it was Yvette’s Private Investigator; Yvette is on the trail of Matt’s money. There’s nothing for it – he’ll have to disappear for a few days.
  • And there’s yet another angry man in Ambridge. Jolene tells Sid that the new band has its first gig – on Red Nose Day. Not only that – she rubs it in by telling Sid how pleased Curley is to have her in the band. But she does manage to persuade Kirsty to cover for her at the Bull.
  • At the Bull, Neil tells Susan that he has accepted Tom’s offer of a loan. But one slice of humble pie is not enough for Susan; she insists that Neil should go and apologise to Mike. Mike enjoys winding Neil up, but soon tells him that all is forgiven, and he’ll come back to work why not start right now?

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