Matt’s sentenced to eighteen months, starting now.

Radio Times: Matt and Lilian face a race against time.

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  • Jennifer, Brian, and Russell Baxter are waiting anxiously outside the court. They know Lilian and Matt have landed but not their progress. A text arrives; they’re stuck in motorway traffic. (Matt constantly repeating they shouldn’t have come back.) Russell tells the judge of the delay and she grants an extra hour. They arrive. Brian pays the taxi fair.
  • After a few words about the late start from the judge, Mr Norris for the Serious Fraud Office starts on the arraignment. When asked his plea, Chalkman answers guilty to the delight of Lilian. It will mean less time in court. Russell later says he changed his mind a week ago but Russell didn’t have to be told.
  • Lilian says she won’t forget what Brian did for her, getting her on that plane, and Matt too.
  • Mr Scott makes Chalkie’s excuses and then the court hears from Russell how Matt was the minority shareholder, that he pleaded guilty early on, gave full cooperation to the SFO, gave money to the wife of a former employee, etc. Then there’s a half-hour adjournment whilst the judge considers.
  • The judge returns. Lilian’s keen to get on with it. Some pre-sentence reports will be asked for and then they can go home. Instead, the judge says they’d be of no use and gives an immediate term of imprisonment. Chalkie gets three and a half years, to serve a minimum of 21 months. Matt eighteen months, minimum of nine. They’re taken away. Matt asks to speak to a distraught Lilian but the warder refuses. Jenny tries to stress the positives, only 18 months, possibly less, but Lilian’s still in shock.

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