Matt steps onto the plane home at the last moment.

Radio Times: It’s a long way home for Lilian.

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  • Lilian’s getting into the taxi as Matt rushes out to say a proper goodbye. She phones Jennifer from the airport to say she’ll be on her own. Unfortunately, the handsome-sounding American who’s helping her stow her hand-luggage is scared off by a territorial Matt. He doesn’t want to talk about it; which seat is his?
  • Lilian phones Russell Baxter from Panama. After already hearing from Jennifer he’s stunned to find out Matt’s on his way back. It’s a tight schedule; arrival Birmingham 06:55. Lilian says they’ll get a taxi straight from there to court.
  • During the next flight, Matt’s forced to explain. There’s no point being anywhere if Lilian’s not there. Russell phones Home Farm, Brian answers. They both see that Matt’s got a couple more connections where he’s the option of jumping ship.
  • Adam and Brian are just noting the conspicuous walking on the footpath seems to have ceased since the land donation when Lynda appears. Jennifer learns that Lynda’s step-daughter Coriander’s partner Justin is off to the USA so Coriander and baby Oscar are coming to stay.

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