Susan would get a month or two’s compensation if she lost her job.

Radio Times: Susan calls in the experts.

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  • Annette’s gossip doesn’t seem to Susan’s taste; wouldn’t Susan do a runner like Matt rather than face prison? Susan gets some free legal advice from Usha. Interleaved with repeated “How much?” from Susan, Usha explains any change in terms and conditions would be unfair dismissal unless Susan agrees, and if the community shop doesn’t take her on there could be redundancy money too. But the how much isn’t much. Having only been there four years, it would be a month of two’s wages.
  • Mike learns it’s Fallon in Jazzer’s sights. He thinks it’s good for both of them; they’re mates first. He points out Ed hasn’t the right of veto and mucked Fallon around in the past. Ed agrees and that’s why he doesn’t want it to happen again. They’re brought to a screeching halt by William’s estate Land Rover parked on the track to their new land. Ed leaves an offensive missive requesting he make alternative parking arrangements. William tells him where to shove it when they meet later in the shop, refereed by Annette.

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