Matt sends a text; “Back tomorrow”. Neil extends mortgage when overdraft facility isn’t increased.

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  • Annette’s shuffling up to Jazzer whilst selling strawberries and trying to invite herself for an evening out and then back to his place. Once he realises, he starts listing all the muppets getting engaged and how him and Annette are a lot better off and very alike; they’re just sack buddies with an occasional itch to scratch. It isn’t quite what she wanted to hear.
  • Neil’s agreed to be Mike’s witness. Susan says a real friend would have told Mike to think again and Neil’s going to be busy keeping Brenda away from the cake knife. His visit to the bank goes poorly. Tom’s orders aren’t big enough to replace Paul’s and Tom’s plans for expansion aren’t the same as firm orders. So Neil tells Susan he went to their mortgage bank and slapped another five grand on. They were happy to lend because Ambridge View has so much positive equity. That he mentioned a conservatory and omitted pig feed may have helped. Susan’s unhappy. She doesn’t like using their home as security for the business. Does she see Meadow Rise beckoning?
  • Jennifer and Lilian are listing old boyfriends and then Lilian says she’s been thinking about Nick a lot recently, how the day they married was one of the best of her life, and if it hadn’t have been for that stupid accident perhaps they’d have had grandchildren by now. Then a text arrives. It’s from Matt. “Back tomorrow.” Lilian’s irate, forgetting how worried she was he was dead. No explanation? No apology? She’ll be waiting for him.

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