Alistair’s dad is renting Blossom Cottage. Lilian leaves Matt.

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  • Alistair’s dad, Jim, phones and breaks the good news to Shula, forced to answer hubby’s mobile because he’s busy. Jim’s renting Blossom Cottage for six months to test the waters for a permanent move to Ambridge. As he’s getting on, he doesn’t feel it’s fair that Fiona and Alistair have to keep travelling to look after him, and he wants to play a bigger part in all their lives. Shula tries to find a bright side, but it’s tough going. And why didn’t Alan and Usha tell them they’d let to Jim?
  • Matt arrives, Lilian’s waiting. She tries to get him to talk but he just chats about the banalities of staying in motels. Finally, after throwing a couple of bottles of booze at him, hopefully not the good stuff, she says she can’t take it anymore, it’s driving her mad. She’s leaving him. “Yeah, well, p’raps that’s for the best” replies Matt.

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