The mystery of the bowl is solved. Jennifer worries about Lilian’s state of mind.

Radio Times: Clarrie’s detective skills come to the fore.

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  • With Usha away visiting her parents, Alan is glad of gardening advice from Clarrie and surprised to find that his next visitor is Shula. Why did he and Usha not pass on the news that Alistair’s father is going to rent Blossom Hill Cottage? Shula explains how the impact of the good Professor’s move would have been greatly reduced had they known earlier. Alan professes ignorance and promises to ask Usha when she returns.
  • In the best tradition of detective drama, Clarrie explains that, though she doesn’t have Susan’s bowl, she knows where it is. The mystery buyer was in fact Christopher, who sold it to Borchester Curios, who sold it to Neil, who gave it to a churlish and ungrateful Susan (no, she didn’t actually say that), who stuck it in the cupboard because it was tainted with the pig muck that has kept food on her table for years.
  • At Home Farm, Lilian has gone AWOL; Jennifer finds her grooming Spearmint, with whom she is not conscious of her appearance. She is persuaded to join the family but soon excuses herself. Jennifer fears she is heading for a real depression.

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