Matt turns the screws on Alistair with more blackmail threats.

Radio Times: Matt reveals his dark side.

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  • Josh lasted 3 nights in the barn with Monty. Shows how pig headed he is! Maybe they can build him an outdoor run with the summer coming. Sam and Ruth have an exciting morning looking at the grass. It’s not coming on as well as it might be. They might have to sow it again.
  • Matt needs more help with his horse. Alistair is supposed to be on his way to another call but Matt wants him straight away. The horse has badly strained his tendon at least – possibly ruptured it. He’ll be out for a minimum of 6 months – maybe up to 18. Matt decides he wants him put down – it’s not worth keeping him getting fat when he can just claim on the insurance. Alistair is reluctant but Matt says it’s that or he’ll have to call the debt in – all of it.

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