Matt issues an ultimatum. Fallon’s show is a big success. Sam has a fertile idea.

Radio Times: Matt lays down the law.

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  • It’s the night of Fallon’s show, and she’s delighted to see a good crowd pouring in to see it. She has reserved front row seats for Jack and Peggy, who enjoy the show immensely. Jack is particularly pleased because Fallon included so much of the material he gave her – but then gets confused and wonders why Alan isn’t climbing down the tower.
  • Sam has an idea to improve the clover content of the grazing at Brookfield. By adding clover seed to the cattle feed, it will be spread in cowpats, which will add ready-made fertilizer. David thinks it’s a great idea.
  • Alistair calls on Matt to say he won’t put Hassett Harrier down; his veterinary integrity won’t allow him to destroy a healthy animal. At first Matt seems impressed by this show of professionalism, but later he turns the screws; he rings Alistair to say that his debts must be paid. Alistair tries to play for time; he’ll find the money within a couple of weeks. But Matt is adamant. He’ll see Alistair on Saturday, and he’d better have the £60K with him …

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