Kenton plays the big brother. Alan climbs down.

Radio Times: Alan takes a leap of faith.

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  • The Ambridge May Day celebrations are in full swing, though Sid is not entirely in the mood, forced by Lilian to wear his Green Man costume. If that wasn’t enough, Lilian brings a pile of greenery and a huge green beard to add to the ensemble.
  • A nervous Alan prepares himself for the abseil down St. Stephen’s tower. Shula comes to help, but her mind isn’t on the day’s events. She admits that she’s at a loose end, and needs something to do, so Alan gives her a bucket and sets her to collecting loose change.
  • Kenton teases Sid mercilessly about his costume, and Sid rises to the bait. When Lilian arrives, she asks why he has substituted jogging bottoms for his green tights. Sid’s feeble excuses don’t impress her.
  • Kenton seizes a quiet moment to ask Shula how she is, and she bursts into tears. Despite his reassurances that there is no question of Alistair having an affair, she just can’t understand what’s going on. She wants them to get back together and be as happy as they were before. If he’s in trouble, she wants to help. Kenton advises giving him space. He’ll watch out for Alistair, and when the time is right, he’ll get him to talk.
  • Alan’s abseil goes well, and he’s so exhilarated, he’d like to do it all over again. The local press photographer captures the moment when Usha gives him a very public kiss.

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