Cows return to Grange Farm. Daniel tries to understand his parents.

Radio Times: Joe harks back to the past.

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  • The Guernseys are arriving at Grange Farm today but Ed isn’t keen to chat to Clarrie and there’s work to be done. He’ll ask Oliver if Joe can come up to see them arrive. Then Eddie arrives, and a chill is in the air. He won’t speak to Ed, and says that Oliver’s dairy venture is doomed to failure.
  • Oliver is delighted with progress in the dairy, especially when Ed says he can plumb in a wash-basin. He’s pleased that Joe wants to come, too.
  • Alistair turns up for work at the surgery, but spends time phoning round for loans. He’s interrupted by Daniel, who says he’s concerned about Scruff’s ears, but who really wants to see Alistair. Alistair is touched, but can’t find words to explain to Daniel just what’s going on. They are interrupted by Shula, who is cool towards Alistair and short with Daniel. As Alistair sets off on his rounds, she dissolves into tears.
  • Eddie has produced a prototype of his latest marketing opportunity – a wolf-whistling gnome. Clarrie is unimpressed, but Joe is amused. Eddie won’t go to Grange Farm, but Clarrie and Joe do, and love the sight of the Guernseys as they discover their new pasture. Oliver and Joe go off to discuss milking bales, leaving Ed to tell Clarrie not to get upset over the problems with Will. The dairy is the future for Ed, Emma and George now.

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