George has an accident. Emma reaches a conclusion. Tom scores a double triumph.

Radio Times: Emma and Will learn the hard way.

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  • Emma’s upset because Will is late returning George. She thinks it’s in retaliation for their keeping George on Sunday. But when Will is two hours late, Emma is really worried.
  • Tom and Adam spring a surprise on Brian; the venison sausages, plus the news that they look like being a good selling line. Brian manfully congratulates Tom, but ruefully tells Adam that he’ll need to watch his back in future – up and coming young entrepreneur Tom is a very fast learner.
  • Things are really going Tom’s way. Brenda has managed to get a pitch at the Borsetshire Show.
  • Will’s enjoyment of George’s first steps is marred by a hammering on the door; Emma and Ed demand the return of George. A row ensues, which leads to the brothers fighting. They are stopped by a crash – George has pulled the CD rack on top of himself. His head is bleeding, and he has a bump on the back of it. The three rush him to A and E.
  • Luckily George is not seriously hurt, but a shaken Emma delivers a lecture. They have all three been selfish, and she’s ashamed of their collective behaviour. From now on they are all going to put George first.

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