Maurice reveals another side. Usha gets into training. Pat hears some bad news.

Radio Times: Maurice has some words of wisdom.

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  • Maurice (who sounds oddly like the Vicar of Ambridge) and Tom finish packing sausages, and Maurice asks how Peggy is. He knows how difficult finding a good care home can be. He turns down Tom’s offer of a drink at the Bull, because he has something on. Tom is still chasing bacon curers for quotes, and Brian is chasing him.
  • Maurice’s something proves to be a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting. Alistair is concerned for Ryan, who has a big problem with debt, and who might, he thinks, chicken out at the last minute. He doesn’t, and Maurice reminds Alistair how far he has come with GA.
  • Usha turns quite misty-eyed watching Ruth help a calf to feed. She and Alan are going to Wolverhampton for Diwali. Alan spends ages chatting to Usha’s parents in the phone, and Usha wants Diwali to be a further piece of bonding for him. She shows Ruth and Pip her new running shoes; she’s training for the Felpersham marathon, not least because she’s put weight on since the wedding. But the main reason is that she has seen Annabelle Shrivener out running in green lycra, and she’s determined to improve her own appearance and competence. Pip is quite impressed.
  • Ruth asks Pip whether she’s having sex with Jonathan. Pip is appalled at the question, and says even if she was, she wouldn’t be so stupid as to get pregnant.
  • Tom calls at Bridge Farm to see how Peggy is, but Pat has other matters on her mind. Graham Rider has phones to say that BL won’t consider their revised offer on the farm. She and Tony were so pleased when Tom and Helen wanted to take it on, but now it looks as if it’s just a heap of ashes.

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