Mike and Eddie fall out over the naming of the Christmas enterprise; Debbie is resolute about her single future.

Radio Times: Roy takes charge.

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  • Preparations continue at Willow Farm to get the Grundy World of Christmas off the ground. Everything seems to be very jolly – even Mike is in a good mood, particularly as that killjoy Neil Carter is not involved!
  • Elizabeth has gone over to see Debbie at Home Farm. Jennifer is still trying to be a mother hen, and seems a bit put out when it emerges that Debbie and Elizabeth wish to have a chat – without her. Once alone, Debbie confides her feelings of stupidity about Simon to Elizabeth. Debbie blames herself in part for what has happened. She refuses to get upset though, and just wants to draw a line under the whole thing.
  • Back at Willow Farm, Roy asks Betty if Marjorie could also come along for Christmas. Betty will be only to pleased to have her too. When Eddie switches on the lights there is an instant bang, and everything goes off. To make matters worse, just at that moment, the Bouncy Castle lorry arrives. The Bouncy Castle is too big to fit into the yard. Even worse still, Mike starts an argument with Eddie since he has discovered that “Tuckerland” is now being advertised as the “Grundy World of Christmas”. Mayhem ensues, and it takes a rather masterful Roy to intervene. He orders that the Bouncy Castle and extra trees be put into Neil’s barn (oh dear…..) and tells his dad and Eddie to sort themselves out. What a hero!
  • Jennifer tries to persuade Debbie to have some lunch, and promises to make Christmas nice for her. Debbie refuses to come back to live at Home Farm, and has also decided not to go for Honeysuckle Cottage. Whatever the future holds for her, she knows that for the time being it will be on her own.

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