Lynda can’t sing in the choir, much to Phil’s relief; Kenton loses his business backer, and the respect of his mother!

Radio Times: Jill’s hard heart.

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  • Lynda is sneering at the Felpersham Players pantomime to Debbie. Debbie is not giving too much away about her personal situation. It seems Lynda is about to confront Phil about his musical efforts. Elizabeth arrives as Lynda leaves. Debbie tells Elizabeth about her and Simon splitting up – again. They can’t talk now, so arrange to meet up at Home Farm tomorrow.
  • Kenton is smartly dressing to go to meet his investors, in the form of Usha. He and Kathy discuss Christmas arrangements, and neatly manages to get himself invited over to Kathy’s – no doubt a relief for Shula when she finds out! However, when Kenton returns from his meeting with Usha, her brother has had a look at his business plan and as a result Usha doesn’t want to touch it with a bargepole.
  • Jill takes Phil some coffee and his first mince pie of the season, as he works on the arrangements for the choir, to try and drown out Lynda’s appalling voice. As if on cue, Lynda arrives with some tragic news – she won’t be able sing in the choir – they are off to Coriander’s for Christmas. Phil can hardly contain his relief!
  • Elizabeth is over at Brookfield with Ruth when Jill arrives with some mince pies. When Elizabeth goes, Jill enquires whether Ruth has seen Kenton, only he left a message that he was too busy to sing in the choir. Jill has a rant about what a useless waste of time Kenton is, and just hopes that he makes some decent resolutions this year!

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