Oliver, Ed and Chaba have a day at Smithfield; Jennifer and Peggy vex over Debbie.

Radio Times: Unwelcome company for Ed.

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  • Oliver and Ed have made an early start on their way to Smithfield. Ed has a hangover, and Oliver plans to get him a strong coffee at the station. To Ed’s dismay he learns that Chaba is also coming along. When Chaba arrives there is a marked tension between him and Ed, though almost entirely from Ed’s side.
  • Jennifer is sending Christmas cards, afraid that she might have missed the last post for Adam’s card. Peggy is with her, and they chat about Debbie’s troubles. Peggy thinks that however Debbie wishes to handle things, particularly her emotions, should be up to her. They discuss Simon, and Peggy always had her suspicions about him, based entirely, it would seem, on Simons level of affection for her cat!
  • At Smithfield, the boys are looking at the cows. Ed is being rather obstructive, and eventually manages to ditch Chaba for 20 minutes. Oliver offers some fatherly advice to Ed about jealousy – obliquely referring to Fallon – and tries to discourage Ed’s jingoistic leanings.
  • David has had a hard time with his accountant, and is bemoaning the fact to Ruth as she does the afternoon milking. Ruth is getting organised for Christmas, something David finds completely out of character. Ruth is even planning to do the cooking herself this year – even more flabbergasted noises from David!
  • Jennifer is giving her mum a lift home from Marjorie’s. Jenny has spoken to Simon, though it was a rather stilted call. He has promised to collect his stuff by the end of the week, and what’s more, Jenny told him to stay away from Debbie. Peggy is concerned that Debbie is not left isolated, though Jenny is determined to make it a splendid Christmas.

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