Siobhán tells Elizabeth about Debbie’s troubles; Ed tells Eddie to “elf” off when asked to dress up as Santa’s little helper.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is sworn to silence.

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  • Jazzer is giving Ed and Eddie a hand with the gathering of mistletoe – rather the stealing of mistletoe – from Grange Farm land. To Ed and Eddie’s horror, Oliver makes an untimely appearance. Oliver is obviously wise to what is going on, but goes along with their lame excuses, in exchange for the delivery of some holly and mistletoe to Grange Farm. He also offers some free tickets to Smithfield to Ed, who is pleasantly taken aback.
  • Elizabeth is visiting Siobhán, out for a walk with the new arrival. Siobhán is sad that her and Brian will not be able to take such walks with baby Ruairidh. She is convinced that Brian would be a very hands on father given the chance. Elizabeth is less convinced. Elizabeth offers an open invitation for Christmas at Lower Loxley. Siobhán is still hoping that Brian might be able to make a visit on Christmas Day – some hope says Elizabeth. Siobhán also tells her about Simon and Debbie, though swears her to secrecy, until Debbie mentions anything herself of course.
  • Oliver calls in on David to offer him his two spare tickets to Smithfield. No can do unfortunately. David suggests Chaba as a likely recipient. Elizabeth arrives, looking for Ruth to invite everyone over for Boxing Day lunch, including Heather and Chaba if he wants to come, though he is likely to be busy……
  • Ed and Jazzer are in tetchy mood whilst stringing up lights for the Grundy World of Christmas. Eddie arrives, still enthusiastic, though his enthusiasm is not shared by Ed who storms off when Eddie suggests that he and Jazzer dress up as Santa’s elves!

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