Phil’s choir rehearsal is hampered by Lynda; Brian remains morally superior over his despicable son-in-law.

Radio Times: Phil has a new recruit.

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  • Kenton is bonding with Daniel – at least someone finds Kenton interesting. Shula arrives, a little frosty. She and Kenton reminisce about their own childhood. Conversation moves to Kenton’s business plan – more scepticism from Shula. She persuades him to join in with the rehearsal for the Christmas singing later.
  • Brian offers his own sympathy to Debbie. He is full of offers of help – whatever she needs from him is no problem. Debbie is upset, but does NOT want to see Simon under any circumstances. Brian offers to help with the continued purchase of Honeysuckle Cottage, just for Debbie. She is overwhelmed, convinced that Brian is the one good guy in her life!
  • At the choir practise, Phil is rallying the troops when Shula arrives late. After one false start, Lynda also arrives late, appalled at the very few numbers – unlike her own Christmas productions. Lynda’s singing leaves everything to be desired. There is a cough however from Mr Booth, a previously unheard Ambridge resident – more to come from him I wonder?
  • At Siobhán’s, Brian is filling her in with the latest on the Simon / Debbie debacle. She finds they have more in common with Debbie’s situation than does Brian – he seems to think they (he?) is totally above that kind of moral law, though does concede to a bit of guilt.
  • After the choir rehearsal Kenton tries unsuccessfully to take Shula out for a drink. Phil arrives, and is surprised to learn that Kenton’s business is about to take off (really?). Lynda offers to advertise for recruits at Grey Gables, and is put out that Jack and Peggy have already made that offer themselves. As she goes, Phil is not so much worried about the lack of men in the choir, but the presence of Lynda!

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