Jenny offers sympathy to Debbie; Clarrie does not offer cakes to Mike and Eddie.

Radio Times: Stir-up Sunday.

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  • Jennifer has called on Debbie. After a case of mistaken identity (Debbie thinking Jenny was Simon), she lets her mother in. Jenny has brought a lasagne over for Debbie – food in a time of crisis. It seems Simon has tried to be in touch. Debbie though is resolute about the fact that things are over, and she now wants a divorce. She reveals to Jennifer who the other woman is – the wife of Simons head of department. Debbie is now angry, and is not prepared to even consider any other route. Jenny tries to persuade Debbie to come back to Home farm, but Debbie is insistant that she is alright, and would prefer to be left alone. She asks Jenny to arrange with Simon a day to come and collect his stuff.
  • Eddie, Clarrie, Mike and Betty are busy preparing for the Christmas extravaganza at Willow Farm – cake making is in full swing. Mike and Eddie busy themselves with setting up the stalls, and various santas, some of which are attached to Mike and Betty’s chimney. They admire the view of the village from the top of Mike’s roof – better than telly Eddie reckons! On a break from their chores, the imagined smell of the cakes beckons…..
  • The cake baking continues, but Clarrie is not offering any of her wares to the workers. Apparently Betty and Clarrie have been inundated with visitors, including Jill who has expressed admiration at their efforts. Eventually Clarrie concedes – cakes in exchange for lunch!
  • Brian is on the phone to his mistress when Jenny arrives back. Brian is outraged at Simon’s behaviour (yeah, right!!). He explains his phonecall as being Greg ringing about the shoot! (Brian v Simon – little to choose really!!).

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