Oliver and Caroline decide they have a future; Debbie decides that she and Simon don’t.

Radio Times: Simon’s busy day.

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  • Oliver is mending fences much to Brian’s amusement but Oliver is trying to avoid taking Ed on full time because he needs the exercise. Brian is pretty annoyed William had to go to the police again. He had to get George into help and then the police just bailed them. Oliver is curious about the father of Siobhán’s baby. Lots of speculation in the village shop but no front runner yet. Oliver asks Brian to pass on his regards to Siobhán when he goes to her agency. Caroline appears to try to do a bit of fence mending of her own.
  • Debbie has heard that Kenton is wearing out his welcome at the stables. Not only is he corrupting Daniel but now he is wasting time on the computer when he is supposed to be doing his business plan. At least it’s finished now and Usha is going to have a look at it. But if she’s got money to throw around, perhaps she should be investing in Hassett Hills lamb. She’s off to visit a few more restaurants.
  • Caroline tries to talk to Oliver. He didn’t enjoy Italian without her. She knows there is nothing in that. The trouble is she doesn’t know where they are going in their relationship. Are they just going to go on like this forever. Oliver might have tried to force the pace a bit but he was scared off after she told him off last year. He does love her and she loves him so they don’t want to lose each other. She just wanted to hear him say it. Maybe they can carry on – just for now.
  • Brian gets to visit Ruairidh again. He’s already changed so much. She’s had loads of visitors – Nigel, Elizabeth, Jill and even Kenton. Elizabeth had tipped her off he was trying to work out who the father was. Brian can’t believe they made Ruairidh. He would do anything he can for him.
  • David wants to patronise Ruth by suggesting she update the Hassett Hills website because obviously she can’t think of things to do for herself. Debbie is on her way to visit Simon anyway to surprise him. Jeanette has already done that though. But not as much as Debbie is surprised by the pair of them. Turns out Simon might not have been telling quite the whole truth. She never wants to see him again.

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