Ruth finds it difficult to carry on as normal – what’s the point?

Radio Times: Ruth cannot get through.

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  • Betty and Clarrie are still sorting out the Christmas market. She always ends up doing something dreadful on their anniversary – 21 years. He’s promised her a present later but she’s not holding her breath. Even Phil is getting dragged into help while trying to persuade more people to join his Carols by Candlelight. He even wants Ed!
  • Eddie is trying to work out how much they can charge for Father Christmas. Is Joe worth £2.50 or £3.00. He is too busy to help with the Carols either. Just talking about Christmas is really upsetting for Ruth. She should have known what was happening. Solly was her Dad. Phil tries to comfort her. Life does go on. It is the carrying on that gets you through. She doesn’t feel like doing the milk producer group – what’s the point. But then she’s gone to all the trouble of getting herself nominated so she’ll think about it.
  • Mike is reporting back on Kenton’s visit to Siobhán. He hoped he would spot a resemblance – maybe to Simon Gerrard. But it turns out the closest resemblance was Gary Rhodes! Eddie has managed to buy a flashing Santa for the roof but the piece de resistance, the thing Clarrie has been waiting for 21 years for her anniversary is not just a mooning gnome, it’s a mooning Santa. More tea anyone? . . .
  • Phil has asked Pip to do a solo at the Christmas carols. She likes the limelight like her mother who was elected unopposed to Chair the Producer Group. Pip seems to be getting through things. She’s beginning to remember the good times.

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