Mike and Oliver are carrying on work on the dairy even though there is still no news from Ed.

Radio Times: Emma looks for maternal support.

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  • Ambridge United have been challenged to a 5-a-side match against the strawberry pickers. Sam seems quite keen. Might be worth watching. They could invite Daniel – he seems a bit grumpy, something to do with summer holidays.
  • Mike isn’t impressed at the way Ed has left Oliver in the lurch but he’ll step in to cover for Ed for the time being. Clarrie still hasn’t heard anything from him. She’s not expecting to now – he’ll be too scared of Eddie answering. Everyone keeps saying he’ll be alright but she’s not so sure. Mike and Oliver try to reassure her that they are only sticking with working on the dairy so he’s got a job to come back to. It’s all causing Mike to remember the old days.
  • Emma is still worrying about Ed and she’s sure the Grundys won’t even tell her if they hear from him. She’s worried he’s done something stupid. They’ve got to find Ed before it’s too late.

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