Mike and Wendy discover that privacy is a rare commodity.

Radio Times: Four is company for Mike and Wendy.

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  • It’s David’s birthday, but he’s harassed, with a huge workload and a cow about to calve. Ruth offers to deal with the man who’s coming to discuss hedging, and they are both looking forward to a birthday dinner later on.
  • Bert gently teases Mike about his new haircut and his new lady-friend. He’s on good form, having beaten Jimmy Prentice into 5th place in the latest ploughing match, but is anxious that Alan shouldn’t use the Village Hall flood as an excuse to banish the pews, so abandons Mike in pursuit of Alan.
  • David and Ruth comment on Emma’s unaccustomed cheerfulness. Bert brings David a bottle of whisky as a birthday present and a thank you for his work on the Massey.
  • Mike and Wendy meet for a meal. It’s a lot more relaxed than their previous meetings, and they chat happily. Their wish to be away from the prying eyes and gossiping tongues of Ambridge are shattered when David and Ruth appear – they’ve got the next table. Luckily Ruth is imbued with unusual tact, and suggests that she and David move to a ‘less draughty’ table. Mike then treats Wendy to a lecture on the Brookfield herd.
  • At the end of a pleasant evening, Wendy suggests that next time they might go to the theatre. She will arrange it. Mike is pleased, but awkward about what’s expected as he bids Wendy goodnight.

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