Nic enjoys time with Will. Emma enjoys a date. Only Fallon is miserable.

Radio Times: Jolene’s match-making skills are put to the test.

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  • Nic comes to the Bull to look for Will. She asks Fallon if she’s seen her, and gets a frosty response.
  • Ed has overslept, so comes to the Bull on the scrounge. Fallon offers to find him something, and reminds him of her advice over Will’s inheritance. But Ed still isn’t picking up on the signals. Jolene is sure one of the Darrington darts team is interested in Fallon, and keeps pushing it, but Fallon isn’t interested.
  • Will shows Nic around the shoot, and sets a fox trap. She fusses over him, and makes it very clear that she’s after him in a big way. Will seems to enjoy the attention.
  • Emma meets her date, Calum, who is very confident and at ease. Emma tells him about her family, being careful to erase Clive and co from her family tree. It seems to work; he asks her out again on Thursday. Emma’s not too sure about babysitting, but doesn’t mention this. She’d love to see Calum again.
  • At the Bull, Nic tells Will about Fallon’s frostiness. She’s worried about Clarrie’s attitude, too, though Will tells her not to worry. Ed comes in, and for a moment it looks as though trouble is brewing between the brothers, but Ed keeps his cool.

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