Mike has a one-track mind. Christopher has a new girlfriend. Ruth has a heart-to-heart with Usha.

Radio Times: Susan shows her true colours.

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  • In the shop, Susan and Usha look through the Echo. There’s a rave review of the pantomime, and a lovely picture of the Brookfield calves.
  • Neil calls to se how Mike is, and is treated to a tirade about Tom and Brenda’s feelings for him. Neil’s initially sympathetic – Mike’s troubles with Brenda are like the Carters’ troubles with Emma – and has little difficulty in persuading Mike to come down to the Bull later.
  • Christopher is worried that his new girlfriend will see the panto review – and she does, texting him straight away. Susan is keen to know more about her, but all Christopher will say is that she’s called Nisha and he met her shoeing her horse.
  • Neil wants to repay the money Tom lent him for the house, and broaches the subject with Susan. She’s keen to be out of debt, so Neil decides to pay the lot as soon as possible. Meanwhile Susan’s anxious about Christopher. Nisha sound an Asian name – and how could an Asian girl own a horse. Neil tries to make her see sense, but all Susan’s prejudices come to the fore.
  • Usha asks Ruth about Christmas, and Ruth is forced to admit that now the children are back at school, she and David are like strangers again. Usha insists that David really loves her, but Ruth can’t agree.
  • Neil takes Mike to the Bull, but has to listen to yet more anti-Tom tirades. He tries, unsuccessfully, to change the subject, but it isn’t until Christopher tells Mike that someone has written “Today’s Special Offer: Hit and Run” on Tom’s van that Mike begins to see the funny side of things.

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