Helen is repentant but Tom still gets the blame.

Radio Times: Tensions run high for Helen and Brenda.

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  • Brenda bumps into Helen at the village shop, and gives her a piece of her mind; she can’t bear to see Tom take the blame for nearly killing her father, and Helen’s behaviour since Ross appals her. Helen tries to say she’s sorry, but Brenda’s in no mood for apologies.
  • Tony’s fed up with lifting leeks from sodden fields, and says he’s too old for that sort of work now. Pat tells him about Lilian’s birthday tea for Jennifer, but Tony isn’t interested. Just then Helen comes home, saying she’s got a bug. Pat knows better, though; she can see that Helen has been crying, and thinks it’s a case of shock.
  • Tony’s not the only one fed up with sodden fields. Tom and Brenda struggle to shift the arks. Tom’s not pleased when Brenda tells him about her encounter with Helen, and won’t even think about telling the truth. To him, Helen is like a frightened child, and he must protect her. His mood is lifted when Neil appears with the £2500 he owes. At least something good has happened.
  • Poor Tom gets another earful from Tony when he gets home. He escapes to go and change his wet socks, and is followed by a contrite Helen. She tells him she’s so, so sorry for what she has done.

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