Helen blurts out to Pat that it was her who knocked Mike over and despite Pat’s protestations, insists on going to the police.

Radio Times: The guilt gets too much for Helen.

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  • Jennifer is celebrating her birthday but sounds a bit dubious about Lilian’s birthday tea. But it turns out not to be a tea party but a G&T party! And Lilian even gives her bubblegum bag back. A bit of bad news though – Sidney Goodman has died. Jack is going to speak at the funeral although Peggy isn’t so sure.
  • Mike is still in a lot of pain – he doesn’t seem to be getting much better. The stitches are out on Wednesday but it’s doing his head, sitting about so much. He is still fed up the Brenda won’t stay away from Tom. Neil understands but in his house if it’s not one kid’s love life, it’s the other one. Susan is still fussing about Nisha’s roots. She seems to have discovered that it’s a Hindu name and isn’t impressed.
  • Helen is trying to avoid the tea party and doesn’t blame Tom for doing the same – it will only be another chance for everyone to criticise him. Pat lays into Tom again and says he deserves all he gets and so Helen blurts out to Pat that it was her that knocked Mike down. She gets even more upset when Pat tries to sympathise. Once she has recovered she says she will be going to the police. Pat explodes but Helen insists she is going to tell the truth.

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