Mike is angry and Tom can’t tell him the truth.

Radio Times: Tom has a confession to make.

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  • Roy and Brenda are feeling the strain of a night at A and E with Mike. Mike won’t stay in bed, and is fretting about the milk round. It’s no use ringing Jazzer straight after Hogmanay, though.
  • Jack can’t remember going to Bridge Farm, but does remember the day of his marriage to Peggy, and reminisces with affection. When Peggy refers to Tom’s accident, Jack thinks she’s talking about John’s death. An anniversary lunch at Grey Gables eases the strain.
  • Tom calls round to see Brenda. He’s determined to tell Mike that he was responsible, but admits to Brenda that he’s actually covering up for Helen. Brenda is appalled; what will happen to the business if he loses his licence? She wants them to tell Mike together, but Tony rings Mike and tells him first. Mike is furious. He tells Brenda he’d stop her from seeing Tom if he could, and orders Tom out of the house.

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