Mike takes his anger out on Brenda. Roy and Hayley have depressing news. Jazzer steps into the breach.

Radio Times: Tensions run high at Willow Farm.

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  • It’s time for Roy and Hayley to keep their appointment with the fertility consultant, but Roy’s not happy about leaving Phoebe with Mike, whose temper has not improved.
  • Jazzer is pleased to have the extra cash from covering Mike’s round, but calls to see Mike and reassure him that he’s missed by his customers. Oliver is covering Mike’s milking for him. Jazzer sees Roy and Hayley on their way to the hospital, and is curious about the purpose of the visit.
  • The consultant explains the situation to Roy and Hayley. They will have to have more tests, including a laparoscopy. If this fails to identify a problem, they could seek IVF, but would have to pay. Egg-sharing might be one way to reduce the cost, but neither Roy nor Hayley is keen on the idea.
  • Mike’s frustration at his inactivity does little for his mood, and he has another row with Brenda. He asks where her loyalties lie. In vain she tries to tell him it was an accident, and that if Mike hadn’t been drinking he wouldn’t have been hit, but Mike won’t have this.
  • A subdued Roy and Hayley get home to hear from Phoebe that Mike has been shouting at Brenda all afternoon. Mike now says that it’s not right that Brenda should carry on seeing Tom.

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