Mike is clearly becoming ill as a result of staying at Willow Farm.

Radio Times: There is a man down at the Christmas panto.

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  • Tom is moaning again about the extra work Brian is making him do with the pigs. At least Hannah will be coming soon to help out.
  • Mike is admitting that he’s finding the house a bit of a struggle. It’s so cold. And he’s done nothing about learning his lines for the panto. Lynda is still planning her remarkable collapsing beanstalk and persuades him he is the ideal practical man to sort it out.
  • Peggy is having a better week. They still haven’t found anyone to help with Jack but she is feeling much stronger. Tom is going to help put up the summer house next week. But none of that stops Jennifer ringing from Hungary to check up on her.
  • The pantomime rehearsal is a bit low on numbers with Kenton feeling ill and it’s clear Mike is coming down with something too. Brenda is sure he has a fever.

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