Mike makes arrangements for the funeral. Susan makes a decision. Peggy takes charge of Jack’s plans.

Radio Times: Susan embraces a new opportunity.

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  • Susan is agonising over Jack’s offer of the manager’s post at the shop. It doesn’t quite come up to Susan’s expectations, but when Neil points out that all her grand schemes of office work have come to grief, so this might be what she needs, Susan admits that she likes the day-to-day contact with people, but she can’t imagine it without Betty.
  • With Brenda to lend a hand, Mike’s back on the milk-round, and is quite cheerful. He and Brenda talk about Betty’s early days in goat rearing, and they decide to get some old slides out that evening. Mike broaches the subject of the eulogy to Pat, who accepts with some inner reservations. But she tells Mike she’s very honoured.
  • In her lunch-hour, Susan calls on Peggy, to accept the job. She’ll have to have an interview for the Post Office part of the work, but Peggy’s sure she’ll have no problems there. Susan offers to put a sign up to say the shop will be closed on the day of the funeral.
  • Peggy has another visitor – Caroline. Peggy tells her Jack’s having a bad day, so Caroline tells her that she and Oliver want to make an offer for Grey Gables. Peggy says that she’s pleased, and that it’s what Jack would want, but then pours cold water on Caroline’s plans. It will take time to realise your assets, says Peggy, and we need a quick sale.

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