Roy takes control. Mike takes a decision. Usha has to take sides.

Radio Times: Roy goes into management mode.

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  • Alan calls to take Usha for a walk, but she’s in chaos. She hasn’t slept well, and is evasive about her day with the family. Alan sets to filling a flask of coffee, and suggests a holiday in the Yorkshire Dales – in a tent. Usha’s not too sure. Hearty activities are not really her.
  • Roy seems to have gone into overdrive over the funeral arrangements. Mike wants to ask Pat to do the tribute, but Roy wants to do one too. Brenda offers to help, but Roy tells her it’s all taken care of.
  • During their walk, Alan manages to get the truth out of Usha. The family gave her a hard time over their friendship, and she felt let down by Shiv, who didn’t support her. Alan feels bad being the cause of family friction; Usha thinks it will be better when they meet him.
  • An unusually cheerful David meets the walkers as he goes to fodder the sheep. He asks when the funeral is to be, and this leads Usha to ask Alan if it’s hard for him, as a widower. Alan doesn’t think it is; he puts his experience to good use, because comforting the bereaved is so important. Usha is touched, and kisses him.
  • Mike seems to be over the worst of his depression, and starts to take an interest in the arrangements. More than that – he’s going back to work. Poor Brenda makes one last attempt to be involved in the funeral planning, but Roy has the bit so firmly between his teeth that he fails to notice her distress at being sidelined.

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