Mike resorts to devious means. Kenton makes Alistair face facts.

Radio Times: Mike and Clarrie go undercover.

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  • Will and Nic have spent a romantic night at the hotel, but now Will wakes Nic so that he doesn’t miss his cooked breakfast. Nic’s not so keen to get up.
  • At the Bull, Clarrie and Mike compare notes on the subterfuge they each have to use to sort out the Carter anniversary clash. Clarrie’s trying to get Emma to cover for Susan at the shop, and Mike has asked Roy to try and trace the hotel, so that they can alter the booking made by Neil.
  • Kenton joins Alistair for a drink, and immediately broaches the subject of the break-in. Alistair is unwilling to confront the possibility of Ryan being involved, but when Kenton tells him about the poker game, and that Ryan wasn’t made redundant, but sacked for punching a supervisor, Alistair is forced to accept that Ryan is more complex than he initially thought.
  • Nic drives back from the hotel, but has trouble parking. Will says he’ll pay for professional lessons. Nic is reluctant to accept them, so Will says he’ll give them to her for a birthday present.
  • Since Alistair is reluctant to do it, Kenton decides to confront Ryan. He’ll arrive at the end of the GA meeting and put his suspicions to him.
  • Mike’s got another problem – a chicken has walked through a tray of paint and left footmarks everywhere. But at least he’s managed to trace Neil’s hotel, to impersonate Neil and to re-book. It looks as though the anniversary celebrations will go smoothly now.

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