Tony is unimpressed by his birthday present. Alan is unimpressed by Usha’s new dietary regime.

Radio Times: Usha gives Alan a lesson in virtuousness.

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  • It’s Tony’s birthday, but he’s not in birthday mood, despite Lilian’s gift of a digital wine cooler. Even Eddie’s attempts to lure him into Ambridge gossip fail. His mood doesn’t improve when Eddie digs down and discovers the cause of their leak. It’s going to be an expensive job.
  • Helen’s not in a great mood, either. Tom appears to be screening out her calls, and she’s determined to have another go at him about Hannah.
  • Usha calls at Ambridge Organics for some healthy foodstuffs. She also buys flowers for her new tenants at Blossom Hill Cottage. She’s determined to step up her training, and admits that Annabelle’s part of the reason. When Alan rings to tell her he’ll be late home, Usha offers to cook. Alan’s delighted, but doesn’t realise that behind the offer lies a whole new low-fat diet. When he gets home and samples the low-fat lentil bake, he almost chokes. He’ll cook tomorrow, he says meaningfully.
  • Unable to track Tom down, Helen calls on Brenda and whinges at her about Tom’s treatment of Hannah. Brenda tries to defend Tom, but in the end submits to pressure and agrees to talk to him.

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