Mike reveals to Hayley why Clarrie has been avoiding them all.

Radio Times: Hayley gets more than she bargained for.

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  • Ruth has had a trying time buying shoes for the children although she has had some success shopping for herself – but David doesn’t notice her new top, so she is unsure of it and might take it back.
  • Hayley is taking Mike to Bridge Farm for the fishing with Tony. They pass Clarrie and offer her a lift – which she declines once she realises that Mike is in the car.
  • Sam notices the new top straight away. He intends to press on with the tree house tonight.
  • Hayley calls to see Clarrie, partly to enquire about Ed’s counselling and partly to see if there is anything else wrong. The counselling went well; Ed likes the counsellor. Clarrie admits that there is something else wrong but then gets cold feet and doesn’t tell Hayley the real problem.
  • Ruth inspects the tree house bringing beer and no David. Sam confides that Kirsty wants to move in with him but he is not ready for it – maybe later. Ruth agrees that there is no big rush.
  • Hayley explains to Mike about going to see Clarrie and how it all came out what was troubling her. Then it really does all come out. She convinces him that he shouldn’t feel guilty: it was just a cuddle and it won’t go any further. Betty wouldn’t have minded; put it down to experience. Mike feels much better; it is a relief to get it off his chest.

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