Mike’s two dates are rewarding. Alan faces the wrath of Susan.

Radio Times: Mike enjoys double the fun.

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  • It’s the day of Mike’s two dates, and he’s very jumpy. His first date with Wendy is spoilt by a sullen waitress, but he and Wendy get on well. She puts Mike at his ease, and they agree they’d like to meet again.
  • Alan chairs a stormy PCC meeting. He would like to re-order the church to create flexible space, and encourage village organisations to use it more. Shula supports him, but he faces a lot of antagonism from Susan, and Jill puts forward lots of arguments against the idea. But Alan is determined; he’ll research the resale value of Victorian pews and the cost of new chairs, so they can discuss it at the next meeting.
  • At the end of their coffee date, both Mike and Wendy have to hurry off. They discover they are both going in the direction of the Feathers. Wendy is rather sharper than Mike, and realises that the ‘Mike’ she had arranged to meet as ‘Corinne’ is the very Mike she’s just met. They are able to laugh about it and enjoy a drink – and they are both keen to have a third date.

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