Mike seeks out a complete new image and Ed secures Baby Spice’s immediate future.

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  • Tom has suddenly woken up to the fact that his sausages can be an all-year round commodity. He suggests to Neil that more weaners therefore more sows could be on the cards – Tom could guarantee him a market for them. Neil, lugubrious and boring as ever, is not prepared to commit himself, but he will talk to Susan about it.
  • Ed is serenading Baby Spice while moving the electric fence in Lynda’s field. Joe shocks him by saying that she may have to go (Baby Spice, not Lynda …) if they can’t find a new home for her. Ed is determined not to give up just yet.
  • Mike is ‘in heaven’ again, dancing with Caroline. She is full of praise for his amazing progress – so much better than Roy and Hayley who can’t turn, and will probably end up going out of the door and down the drive at the actual dance! Mike wants more though – could Caroline teach him a short solo tap routine in true Fred-style with which he could really impress Betty? Of course! And one other thing – the image, especially the hair? Caroline knows just the man who can help Mike …
  • Ed and Oliver are walking the fences at Grange Farm. How’s Jazzer? Much better – even writing some lyrics again, says Ed. Not such good news on another front though … Oliver presses Ed to elaborate and ends up being wheedled into providing new lodgings for Baby!! Ed rushes off in glee to tell his Grandad as Mike arrives to ask Oliver about hairspray …!
  • Joe is over the moon at Ed’s news about Baby and seems to think that the formal paperwork involved in the move will be no bother. What’s more, it’s a Grundy back on Grange Farm land again – the best news he’s had in ages!
  • Neil is all agog at Mike’s new hairstyle – and even moreso when Mike tells him about his appointment at Rapunzel’s with Kim (he’s a really nice bloke), and the coffee and Danish afterwards with Oliver and Caroline! Mike suggests that Neil should start ‘living’ a bit more, stop making excuses, say yes first and think afterwards for a change. Neil’s not like that, don’t we know. Mike swears him to secrecy about his new image – it’s a surprise for Betty – and messes up his twenty quid’s-worth so she won’t yet know what he’s been up to!

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