Brian calls Siobhán with Jenny’s full approval and will probably get away (to Scotland?) – with her blessing!

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  • David is keen to know when the life-saving combine will arrive from Hungary. Brian can only get the driver’s answering service – in German. He’s so frustrated, poor darling, and even talking about cancelling his shooting trip – it’s such a shame, says Jenny in her best sympathetic tones … David recalls that Siobhán speaks German. Jenny doesn’t think they have her new number. Brian casually responds that he may have her mobile number somewhere on a card. Jenny nearly takes off with enthusiasm at the thought that Brian phoning Siobhán will solve the problem. She doesn’t even think that Siobhán will mind being phoned this early on a Sunday in such an emergency!
  • Nigel’s serenity with his chicks is shattered by Elizabeth’s fury with Julia. She doesn’t appreciate how much work went into choosing that blue Pashmina for her birthday – she acts as if Freddy and Lily no longer exist since the arrival of Camilla’s Piers – Elizabeth obviously can’t stand the competition! Clarrie arrives to check that Joe is giving his pony and trap rides in the correct place. Is she all set for her butter-making stint next week? And is it right that Joe is after scrap wood? Yes, for a shed – just for storing tools and things, of course; oh … no, no, not for Baby Spice – she’s still homeless.
  • Siobhán immediately assumes that Brian is ringing to tell her their trip is off. Brian elicits her help to make tangible contact with the driver and she elicits some weak assurance from him that if the combine arrives today, the chances are they can get close to each other in a day or two …
  • The classic car event is in full swing at Lower Loxley. But the carriage and pair haven’t turned up so Nigel is having to stall those waiting for instruction – including Pip. David astounds Clarrie with the insurance cost of bringing the still elusive combine over from Hungary – cheaper than the compensation for lost crops, though. Nigel says that Joe is doing a roaring trade in conjunction with Kenton – something about carrying ladies in the trap to the folly? Elizabeth and David are equally dubious!
  • Brian is keeping his mind off the problem by checking the car in case he does manage to get away on Tuesday. Jennifer goes to answer the house phone just as his mobile rings. Siobhán tells Brian that the combine, having been held up in the lanes by a Bugatti and a carriage and pair, is nearly there. Jennifer confirms that Debbie can see it down by Long Wood. How funny that the information should come through from both calls simultaneously! Now that it’s all worked out alright, Brian Darling will be able to go to Scotland with a clear conscience!! Won’t he just, Jennifer …

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